EA Sports Cricket 2020 Patch For Ea Sports 07 Free Download

EA Sports Cricket 2020 Patch Free Download

Ea Sports Cricket 2020 Released

Presenting the all new Mega patch - HD Studioz Cricket 2020.
One of the Biggest mega patch ever created for our very loved game - Ea Sports Cricket 2007.

EA Sports Cricket 2020 Patch Free Download

Many of you (gamers) have enjoyed the Planet Cricket's 2020 mega patch, but you guys wanted more tournaments and better graphics.

The Good news is the modders of HD Studioz & Planet Cricket are the same but the work is much better from the previous one.

EA Sports Cricket 2020 - Versions

This HD Studioz Cricket 2020 Mega patch comes with the most desired domestic tournaments i.e Vivo IPL and  KFC BBL and much more.

It has Features ever more than you can think of and the best part is it can be customized as per your needs & desires. As usual, this HD Cricket 2019 has 3 different versions & they are :
  • Version 1 - Tours & Domestic Leagues 
  • Version 2 - International Package
  • Version 3 - Scenarios Package

Version 1 Tours & Domestic

The version one is named as tours and Domestic as it contains all the latest Domestic tournaments only. 
Here's what you are going to get in version 1.

  • Vivo IPL 2019
  • KFC BBL 2019
  • PSL 2019
  • CPL 2018
  • ASIA CUP 2018

EA Sports Cricket 2020 New Features

This Cricket 2020 by Hd Studioz will completely change your old cricket 07 game to the modified Cricket 2019. They have provided tours and tournaments along with many more features that are beyond Imaginations. Let's take a close look at it's New Features.

  • Unique HD Logo's provided 
  • New Kits provided with High Detailed Graphics for All International & Domestic teams
  • New Stadiums added such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, Rajkot etc with highly detailed graphics and also with updated sponsors, Side screens, Boundary cushions.

  • Rosters with new young faces and transfers updated (2019)
  • Genuine Fixtures - Just as the real tournament fixtures.
  • New 4K Batpack 2019 is used & correctly assigned to the players who own them!
  • A new Gameplay patch is included to provide a new experience.

  • New Zoomed Camera angle provided for new experience.
  • Player Editor provided to change player bats, skills and teams line up
  • Ads on such as Overlays, Kits,etc provided - 14 Overlays provided

  • Enhanced Gameplay - Realistic Edges, Extra Bounce, and no hitting Sixes every ball (Even in IPL, if 3 or more stars selected you can't bat like Jos Buttler 😄)
  • HD Faces included and assigned correctly with more details
  • Unique Umpires with high O model provided [Different venues - Different Umpires for eg. Erasmus, Billy, Dharmasena, Nigel long]

There is Much more Stuff to Explore as this Mega Patch is Undoubtedly filled with thriller matches, Moments & a Great Excitement level.

EA Sports Cricket 2020 - How to Install?

This Cricket 2020 game is compressed and zipped. You have to extract the files and then install the patch as guided.

Step by Step Installation:
  • After downloading the patch files, Install Cricket 07 in any folder, then Open HD Studioz Cricket 2K19 v1.exe and give the permissions it asks.
  • Proceed further by clicking on the next button. Then the setup will ask you where you have to install the patch.

  • Select the folder where you have installed the cricket 07 game. Now click on Install and then the Setup will take about 5 mins to install the new files of cricket 07. Let the setup do it's work, till then you can enjoy a tea or coffee.

  • Click on the finish after the setup has done its task. Now first go to My documents > Ea sports cricket 07 > and then look for HDC19V1.ros file, if it's there then no problem. You have successfully installed the cricket 19 game.
  • Go to the game folder and then open your game from HD Studioz Cricket 2K19 v1.exe file, load the roster and then you are ready to go.
  • Installing Error Fix Files:

    This patch has some errors, so the modders have provided a solution. The downloaded folder will also contain a zip file with the name Auto Exit Fix C19. Just extract the files into the game folder and the game is completely ready to play.

  • ScreenShots

  • EA Sports Cricket 2020 Patch Free Download

    EA Sports Cricket 2020 Game Free Download

    Latest Ea Sports Pc Game Free Download

    EA Sports Cricket 2019 Requirements

    System Requirements for Cricket 2020 Game 

    • Operating System - Windows XP - Windows 10
    • Architecture - x64, x86
    • DirectX - DirectX 12 API
    • Memory - 512 MB
    • Video Memory - 1GB
    Note: Don't worry all of us have these Minimum Requirements.

    Essential Requirements for Cricket 2020 Game:
    • Original Cricket 07 Game
    • Patch & Roster Files
    • Other Imp Files such as Adds On & Error Fixes!
    Note: Download Links are also provided for all these requirements.

    EA Sports Cricket 2020 Download

    Do you know, you have spent 5 - 7 mins in reading all the features and guides. I wanted to share more about it, but now I'll leave you with the download links.

    Download, Install and Enjoy the batting in Cricket 2020.


    Ea Sports Cricket 07 [Original]

    All in One - Setup & Roster Files of Cricket 20


  • All in One - Roster Files of Cricket 20

  • http://www.mediafire.com/file/sqt35a33tfe52nw/HD_StudioZ_Cricket_19_Version_1_Roster.zip/file
    Error Fix Files of Cricket 20

Final Words

I Enjoyed the Cricket 19 patch by Hd Studioz as well as by Planet Cricket, but what about you

Please share which patch you loved the most. What features you enjoyed more? Which patch has better graphics? 

I and modders will be glad to get any kind of feedback from you. Your feedback can help me make better content.

Make Sure to share with your Facebook Friend.

If you are facing any errors while installing the game or while playing the game, then please let me know. Type Error and then share what problems you are facing.

Also Note: This blog will be updated with more info and some game screenshots.

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